Zero Day Challenge Week #4 — Complete!

Congratulations!! We all got through the fourth week of the Zero Day Challenge! Phew, that went by really quickly! It feels like the special event just started, and we’re almost done! So let’s go over how the week went, and it’s time to select our next two winners!

Thank you for Participating

First off, I want to say thank you for participating in the special Zero Day Challenge event. Wait, not everyone is participating? Well, what are you waiting for? Find out how I’ve reduced my monthly spending by more than $1,500 each month, start your own savings journey, and enter to win the remaining $150 in prizes!

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Seriously though, thank you. The Zero Day Challenge has changed my life. I’ve reduced my spending so much that I’ve been able to move my Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) date by about a decade. How? I’m saving $18,000 more per year, and I cut my spending by $18,000. This means I’m saving more, and need less to retire — a win/win!

All you’ve gotta do is sign up with the form above, follow me on Facebook (or Twitter), and then make a simple post on social media. That’s it, and you’re entered to win the cash prizes!

How it Works

The Zero Day Challenge is very easy. For more details, check this link out. But basically, be mindful of your spending. With the advent of credit cards, mindlessly spending money became easy. $3 or $4 here or there easily becomes $50 or more every week in what I call “wasted spending.”

Well, we’re getting rid of that. What we do is think about what we are buying every time we want to spend money. If what we’re buying is worth it, then swipe away! However, if it isn’t worth it, reconsider the purchase. We do this by tracking our spending every single day.

Yes, we spend about 1-2 minutes at the end of the day, every day, and track what money we spent. I use a physical calendar that I print out, and my excel spreadsheet. If you want the spreadsheet, join the Zero Day Challenge. For the record, here is my spreadsheet for the first week of October. You can find my Zero Day Challenge progress here. That’s where I post all of my spreadsheets, plus my spending calendars.

zero day challenge week 1 results

It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s really easy. By tracking your spending, you’ve won half the battle because you now know what you’re actually spending money on. In reality, it takes about 1 minute a day. Isn’t 30 minutes per month a worthwhile investment if it ends up saving you hundreds of dollars?

Great, so now we’re mindfully tracking every dollar we spend. The second part of the Zero Day Challenge is to try and get what I call “zero days.” A “zero day” is also known as a “no spend day” — basically a day when you don’t spend any money.

The problem is those small $3 and $4 purchases add up. There are plenty of people who gloss over getting rid of those small expenses. That’s because they don’t understand how big those small expenses really are. Our goal is to eliminate as many of those small expenses as possible, and have as many “zero days” as possible. This means we spend less money!

As the challenge goes on, push yourself to have more “zero days.” The more “zero days” you have, the fewer days you spend money, and the less money you’ll end up spending. The less you spend, the more you save. It’s that easy! For example, maybe you had 1 “zero day” during week 1. Try for 2 “zero days” during week 2, 3 “zero days” during week 3, etc. You’ll be surprised with how much money you end up saving with this method.

Still don’t believe me? Find out how I’m saving $18,432 in 2017 with this simple challenge. And if you don’t believe that, see what CNBC has to say about it.

Week #4 Prizes!

Okay, so there were some problems with week #3. Namely, only 1 person remembered to enter! Don’t worry though, I took that unclaimed prize, and added it to this week’s lot.

For this week, I’m proud to announce that Brad, Bethany, and Sarah have won $25! Thank you a ton for participating! I’ll send you an email, and then we’ll figure out how to send you prizes!


The Grand Prize Awaits!

We’ve only got 2 full days left in October. I hope you’ve been keeping track of your spending by using the Zero Day Challenge spreadsheet, or a trusty calendar. Remember, there will be 3 grand prizes, valued at $50 each. Who knew you could win money so easily?

Please make sure you follow the rules. There are 3 distinct things you need to include in your post to be eligible for the grand prize drawing. So now, without further ado…

To qualify for this prize, you must create and publish a Facebook (or Twitter) post that…

  1. Includes a picture of your ZDF spreadsheet graphs or includes a picture of your spending calendar
  2. States how many zero days you had during October
  3. States how much money you saved with the Zero Day Challenge in October

This post must tag the Zero Day Finance Facebook (or Twitter) account.

Winners will be chosen by Tuesday, October 31st. As always, you can publish your post on Twitter instead of Facebook, just make sure to tag @zerodayfinance! Make sure you tag my social media account in your post. If you don’t tag me, then I won’t know that you posted. See, that’s really easy! Just talk about how you were going to buy something, but decided against it.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to ask for help if you have any questions. Let’s save some money.

Until next time,
Good Hunting

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    I may need to enter this challenge for the prize, not to mention the thought of saving $$$. Congrats to the winners!

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