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Everything the Internet told you about Saving Money is wrong

How do you save more money? This is an age old question, and everyone has a different answer. You can decrease your rent, get rid of your car payment. What about increasing your income, or getting a second job? I’m to be honest with you: How do you save more money? is a terrible question to ask. What you should be asking is What is the most effective way to save more money? Because not all strategies are created equal, and the advice you’ve heard about saving money probably isn’t good either.

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zero day finance you can stop investing and reach financial independence

Stop Investing and become Financially Independent

I recently wrote a post about how you might be able to stop investing and still hit your net worth goals. The gist of it is that if you are an aggressive saver, you might have enough money right now, and it can grow on its own to hit your goals. For example, if you’re a 21-year old kid and saved $50,000 now, it’ll be worth about $1,000,000 by the time you are 65. This was recently picked up by the ChooseFI Facebook group. Unfortunately I can’t participate in the group because then I’ll reveal my identity, so here is a bit more explanation of the post, which I hope will spur further discussion.

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zero day finance september update

September Zero Day Finance Update

Another month, another set of Zero Day Finance updates! This one will be fairly brief because the October Zero Day Challenge is starting today! If you want to start saving a ton of money and register enter for the chance to win cash prizes, right now! If you’ve never heard of the Zero Day Challenge, well now is the time to learn how it’s saving me $18,432 this year! Oh yeah about the featured image? I thought it looked cool. No idea what it actually is, maybe a marble? Anyway, let’s begin!

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