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Welcome back to What I’m Reading! It’s been awhile since I last posted, probably more than a month! Things have been really busy here at Zero Day Finance. I’m going to change things up a bit, and only include my 5 favorite blog posts published this week. But I’ll go into a little more detail about each one. So, let’s get on with it!

We’re All Poor Here: I Quit My Job

This first post is written by Matt at We’re All Poor Here. If you’ve never been to Matt’s site, I would highly recommend taking a read. Not only will you get to learn from an awesome southern dude with a beard who loves drinking beer, but you’ll get some brutally honest stories and introspection into his life.

He recently quit his job working the graveyard shift at a hotel, and is now working for himself. Seriously, he took the plunge, quit his job, and he’s his own boss. He currently writes and edits for The Hoth. Basically doing what all of us bloggers do, but turning it into thousands of dollars per month. Kudos to you Matt!


Make sure you follow him on Twitter as well. He runs a weekly series called “Between Two Debts” (like Between Two Ferns), where you can PM him an answer to a question. If your answer is picked, you’ll be included on his site!

Bitches Get Riches: Don’t Spend Money, and Chickens!

First of all, I love your blog name, it’s awesome.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’m cheating here. I chose 2 posts that really impacted me. The first one is Don’t Spend Money on Shit You Don’t Like, Fool. This one really hits home for me, because I used to spend money on loads of crap that I can barely remember. In 2016, I spent something like $3,000 per month on “fun,” but I don’t remember most of it. And not because I was in some drug-laden stupor. I just liked buying things because it made me happy. But seriously people, don’t buy something just because you can, especially if you don’t like it.

zero day finance bitches get riches chicken

The second post is about chickens. If you aren’t feeling that great, get a quart of ice cream and cuddle in your blankey before reading, because this one made me a bit upset. I won’t spoil the ending, but definitely give it a read, you’ll gain some perspective and a new appreciation for life.

The Frugal Gene: Dramatis Personae – Cast of Characters

If you’ve ever interacted with Lily from The Frugal Gene, you know she’s booming with energy and always willing to share. Well, she’s taken things a step further and introduced us to everyone who influenced her. From herself and her husband, mom and dad, even “Mr. Executive,” we get a very personal view into what makes Lily, well Lily.

zero day finance the frugal gene

She started off with a rough upbringing in China until her mom got fed up because her school was trying to kick Lily out for a higher paying student. She then moved to America… wait, why am I repeating this story? Go read her blog post and get the actual story, not my paraphrasing.

Mr. Need 2 Save: Please Don’t Promote Me

This last post comes from Mr. Need 2 Save. Please don’t promote me! If you’re a Millennial, you probably think this is B.S. I’ve worked really hard to get promoted and increase my pay significantly since I graduated from college, but at some point, it isn’t worth it anymore. There’s a phrase that I’ve heard several times, “promoted to incompetence,” which basically means companies promote people until they suck at their job.

This post isn’t about any of that. It’s about being in a position where you enjoy your work and you can make the impact you want to make. If you’re in the middle of your career and you really like your coworkers and responsibilities, why would you want to switch? As long as your benefits are good and you get yearly pay increases, why not stay and enjoy the ride?

Well, that’s it for this week’s What I’m Reading! I like this format better, so I’ll stick with it again. Make sure you give all of these blog posts a read and follow everyone on Twitter. All of them give great advice, are fun to talk. Plus I’ve met Mr. Need 2 Save and Mrs. Need 2 Save, and they’re both awesome!

Let’s see if I can break the cycle and post another one of these next week!

Good Hunting,


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  1. Lol this made me want to scream “I AM LILY, hear me dork!!!” 😂

    Thanks for the shout out David! I’ve read all the one on the list except Mr Need2Save’s post. Interesting position!

    • David says:

      Thanks! I’m always surprised by how much you are willing to share, you really give us a good view into where you’ve come from.

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