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What I’m Reading #5

Welcome back for What I’m Reading #5! Here you will find the blog posts that I found particularly interesting this week. Don’t worry if one of your articles isn’t here, I typically read 50-100 articles a week and I also look for older content that I’ve missed.

My Savings Odyssey: Budgeting Using Income Allocation

First up this weekend is Budgeting Using Income Allocation by My Savings Odyssey. This is a post about how to significantly simplify your budget. With just 4 categories (or even 2!), anyone should be able to adopt this strategy. What piqued my interest was the final category: welfare. Specifically, setting a budget line-item for giving back to those in need. I’m upping my charitable donations because I am extremely lucky, and I would implore anyone reading this to do the same, if able.

Cait Flanders: How I Travel with Nothing But Carry-On Luggage

This next post is by Cait Flanders. Travel is something that we talk about all the time. “When I retire, I will travel the world!” First of all, spend some money on yourself and travel now! But traveling can be a pain, and packing is the worst. When I pack, I use Cait’s strategy: I only ever bring 2 pieces of carry on luggage. Looking at how she prioritizes and packs her bag reminds me of how I pack my bug-in bag. No, I’m not a prepper. Okay, maybe very slightly.

Make Smarter Decisions: What’s That Charge On My Credit Card?

This next post talks about something most young people do: read your credit card statement. You probably have a bunch of credit cards and debit cards that you regularly use to pay for stuff. It can be difficult to track all of the transactions every month. Bud do it! Take an hour or so each month and make sure everything is legit and you haven’t been compromised. I take this to the extreme, and my credit cards all text me when used so I immediately know if something is suspicious. I hope everything went well for you!

Your Average Dough: How Do You Differentiate Yourself?

This next post from Courtney is about how to differentiate yourself from others. As a personal finance blogger, there is a lot of competition. A lot, seriously. I didn’t know there were this many of us. So how do we differentiate ourselves? Give this post a look to find out! I can tell you one thing Courtney does. Her mailing list subscription appears midway through a page with a cute smiley face. If you go to “X” out of it, the smile turns into a frown. So don’t “X” out, subscribe to her mailing list today!

Simple Money Man: Do It For The Future You – Retirement

This next post is about thinking of your future you. You aren’t alone SMM, I think about retirement daily as well! But seriously, we all have access to retirement plans, either through our employer or opening up a personal account. Take a few minutes/hours/days/weeks to do research and figure out which one is for you, and then start contributing to your retirement fund. If you invest $15 every workday for 42 years (working age 23 – 65), then you will retire at age 65 with social security and a $1 million nest egg. What could be better? Early Retirement.

The Savvy Couple: 6 Signs You Know It’s Time To Become An Entrepreneur

This post from the Savvy Couple speaks volumes to me. If you don’t already know, my fiancee runs an online business and also works a day job. Her day job pays a consistent $2,400 a month. Her side business pays an inconsistent $1,000 – $7,000 per month. I would love if she jumped 100% into her side business, but there are always obstacles. Figure out what your obstacles are, and find a way around them! If my fiancee can figure out how to continue to grow her business, she will easily earn more than me, and maybe I’ll get to be a stay at home dad some day!

ZJ Thorne: Net Worth Week 61 – PRIDE Edition

This next post comes from ZJ Thorne. If you don’t know her, she details paying off her student loans and her net worth on a weekly basis. Plus I’m a sucker for net worth updates. This week, she talks about the benefits of renting a car vs. taking an uber or taxi. In addition, she also briefly discusses recent events surrounding the PRIDE community not wanting to go to PRIDE events this year because of the hatred and violence against the community.

Fiery Millennials: What’s A Lot?

This next post is really about lifestyle inflation. When we’re young, $5 might be a lot. As we get our first job that numbers becomes $20. After we get our first real adult job, that number may sky rocket to $100. But how much is a lot for you? How did that become the norm? Find out in this excellent post.

Project Beach Life: Side Hustles I’d Never Take On (Probably…)

Jax gives us an entertaining viewpoint into which side hustles she definitely doesn’t want to do, and which ones she wishes were profitable. There are some pretty common side hustles like driving for Uber and rentint on AirBnB (which she already does!) Regarding your wish for side hustles, you might be able to get paid to stream paying Civ. Just an idea 🙂

Last week we had a bonus post. To bring balance back to the force, you only get 9 for this week. I’ll see you all back on Monday! Enjoy your weekends.

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Keep it up! I’m glad that the weekly updates help your focus. As your CC and other debts decrease, your NW will start to snowball

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