What I’m Reading #3

Welcome to the third installment of What I’m Reading! This is where I cover the blog posts that I’ve found particularly interesting, informative, or just plain awesome. I do my best to read as many blogs as I can throughout the week, so this really covers a lot of breadth. As a general announcement, I am switching to a new posting schedule! I will post new content on Monday and Thursday, with a What I’m Reading over the weekend (preferably Saturday). However, I probably won’t be following this schedule because I’m going on vacation next week. Without further ado, happy reading!

Think, Save, Retire: After 1,000,000 blog hits, here’s what I learned about running a blog

Think, Save, Retire is an extremely successful blog! I really enjoy reading updates and reflections like this because it pushes me to work harder. 1 million page views is very impressive for a mere 2.5 years. One takeaway from this is that as a blogger, you should focus on engagement over page views. For example, if you have 1,000 visitors per month and 1,000 page views per month, people read a post and leave. I’m very proud that my average session is 3.5 pages, meaning people come here and keep reading!

Building Income: The Little Property That Count – Part III – Time to Expand

I’m becoming much more interested in real estate posts. First of all, my fiancee’s parents have passive income streams through renting out their real estate. Second, I need to start paying attention to real estate because I will buy a house, eventually. Average housing prices in my neck of the woods are $700,000+, so I need a clear cut strategy to actually be able to afford anything decent.

The Feminist Financier: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: When Employees Ask for a Raise

This is an excellent post if you are looking for a raise! Unfortunately, most businesses pay you the absolute minimum to keep you working. If you do not receive the raises that you’ve earned, over time you are throwing away hundreds of thousands of $$$ a year. Asking for a raise is super important, but make sure that you do it the right way!

The Savvy Couple: April 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Report

Another blog update that I didn’t see until last week. This one is about increasing traffic to your blog. Something that all of us could benefit from. To be honest, who doesn’t want more readers! Combining some of this advice will help increase your page views, just remember to keep engaging your readers so they view more than a page or two per session.

Financial Panther: 5 Things I’ve Learned From Putting Together A Wedding

This is another post that I found interesting because I’m living it now! I’m in the middle of the wedding planning process. We’ve booked our venue, photographer, and DJ. We’ve already made a few choices based on price, for example we picked our non-favorite venue because it was about $12,000 cheaper. Keeping all of the costs down is still pretty challenging.

Zencents: 2017 Yearly Goals

Zencents is one of the first blogs that I started reading after I started Zero Day Finance. Zed may have been my first comment also. Setting goals is extremely important. Make sure that you set realistic goals that you can actually accomplish throughout the year. Also, share some of your success by donating to those in need.

My Son’s Father: Why I’m Getting a Credit Card After a Decade Without One

As usual, My Son’s Father has fantastic content. He is finally getting a credit card after a several year hiatus. Credit cards come with significant benefits such as cashback and warranty extensions. However, it is very easy to swipe your plastic and rack up more than $10,000 in credit card debt. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Teacher Investor: Invisible: Working Poor, Wealth Inequality in America, and Our Responsibility

Speaking of responsibility, everyone should read this post. If you are reading this right now, you have privilege above millions, no billions of others. This privilege isn’t a bad thing. Just realize there are many people who will never have life as good as you. If you are a high earner or even just have a high savings rate, I would hope that you join me in donating money to charity and causes that you believe in.

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

Good Hunting,

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11 Responses

  1. My Sons Father says:

    I’m honored to be in such great company. Thanks David!

  2. Teacher Investor says:

    Hey, thanks for including my piece . . . as a new blogger, much appreciated!

  3. We're All Poor Here says:

    That article from TI was really good!

  4. Zed says:

    Hey, thanks! I’ve pretty much been offline for a few months (work and home – plus it’s nice outside!). So I was surprised to see my name pop up! See you in the comments! 🙂

  5. Mr. Need2Save says:

    Always on the lookout for new FIRE blog sites to check out. Thanks for highlighting a few I haven’t come across yet.

    Totally unrelated comment – for some reason I can’t leave comments using Chrome since your (apparent) site refresh. Leaving this comment using Edge… not sure if it’s on my end or not.

    • David says:

      That is very strange. People were having trouble leaving comments (they were tagged as spam) so I disabled Mojo Marketplace which seemed to solve the problem. Do you have any error messages? I get the feeling that WordPress / Plugins aren’t actually 100% cross-browser compatible.

      • Mr. Need2Save says:

        Regarding the Chrome issue, when I click in the Comment box, it disappears. So perhaps a CSS or Javascript issue. I tried on two different computers and the same issue. ??

        • David says:

          That’s very weird. Let me try it out… So it worked for me. Incognito mode, Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) running on Xubuntu with the old 4.4 kernel. What is your OS? It could be a browser caching issue

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