Would you Rather win $4,000 a week for life, or $2 Million now?

I was browsing Twitter a few days ago, when I saw an interesting tweet by Money Tree Man. The gist of the tweet was “Let’s say you won the lottery, and you could choose your prize. You could choose $4,000 per week for life, or $2 million right now. What would you choose?” Looking at the numbers, I saw the obvious answer: take the $2 million now. Surprisingly (to me at least), pretty much everyone wanted the $4,000 per week. So which one of these is better?

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zero day finance waterfall to cash flow

Cash Flow: The Secret to Financial Independence

I’ve written several posts about tips and tricks that will help you retire early, and they’ve really helped out my readers. For example, stop tracking your net worth and pay attention to passive income. Plus, your fancy lunch habit may be derailing your retirement. I work really hard to figure out small changes that we can all make to help us retire early, and I enjoy sharing them with you. Plus as a bonus, I’ll talk about my family members who could retire tomorrow if they made a few small tweaks to their cash flow.

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