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Bug In Bag Update

Building an emergency fund is one of the single most important financial decisions that you will make. It can be difficult figuring out how big your emergency fund should be. You really need to figure out what can go wrong, and then figure out what type of impact that would have. Some people even analyze...

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Zero Day Finance May 2017 Update

Hello everyone, my May update post is coming a little late because I just got back from vacation! If you haven’t checked out the Zero Day Challenge, give it a quick read. Basically I track my daily spending and gamify savings by counting how many “zero days” I accumulate during the...


Secure Your WordPress Blog The Right Way

I’ve seen a lot of people’s blogs have been hacked lately. Well, “a lot” is up to interpretation. Getting hacked sucks. You’ve spent months or even years building up your blog with excellent content, only to have it degraded or deleted. Whats worse, a nefarious hacker could post illicit content...

Hello, World 0

Hello, World

One of the more poignant memories that I have from my childhood takes place in the most innocuous of locations: a Greek take-out restaurant. I was still in High School, getting a gyro for lunch before I headed back to class. Waiting for my food, I looked at the television and...

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