Guest Post: Life Well Hustled

Hi, friends! My name is Sylvia, and I write for Life Well Hustled. Like many others out there, I’m a big proponent of Financial Independence & Retiring Early, which, when broken down to its base components, is a mixture of increasing your savings rate and maximizing income. While I’m already living my best frugal life, I don’t work in as profitable industries as some others pursuing FIRE, limiting my income potential.

And so, to supplement my income, I side hustle. A lot.

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Guest Post: Jane From Cash Fasting

Guest Post With Jane From Cash Fasting

Hello all, today’s post will be a little different: its a guest post! Please welcome Jane from Cash Fasting. Jane started her blog after realizing that moving to NYC had completely blown her expenses out of proportion. She now uses Cash Fasting as a means to hold her spending in check, via a series of “Cash Fasts,” a no-spend or reduced spend challenge similar to “Zero Days.” If you’ve never read her blog, make sure you head over. There’s a lot of great content, and I really enjoy following Jane’s journey paying off her student loans. Having paid off mine fairly quickly after college, I understand how hard it can be.

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