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How I Got 42% CashBack With DiscoverIt

When it comes to cashback reward credit cards, the gold standard is 2% cashback on all purchases. You might be able to get 2.3% cashback on travel cards when you sign up for new cards, but that is pretty close to 2%. But what if you could get 2% cashback on everything, 10% cashback on rotating categories, and even up to 42% cashback on certain purchases? Well, I did, and I’ll show you how.

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What I’m Reading #3

Welcome to the third installment of What I’m Reading! This is where I cover the blog posts that I’ve found particularly interesting, informative, or just plain awesome. I do my best to read as many blogs as I can throughout the week, so this really covers a lot of breadth. As a general announcement, I am switching to a new posting schedule! I will post new content on Monday and Thursday, with a What I’m Reading over the weekend (preferably Saturday). However, I probably won’t be following this schedule because I’m going on vacation next week. Without further ado, happy reading!

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1 Point On My Credit Score Cost $1,000

When it comes to credit scores, people really like to micromanage. It’s actually like a game: how high can it go! With the advent of Discover and CreditKarma, you can check your credit scores in real time. People read their daily/weekly/monthly reports, and then freak out when it drops 5 points. They might also get very excited if it goes up a few points. The general wisdom is to not really pay attention to your credit score. Pay your credit card bills in full every month, and you’ll have a good score. Unfortunately, not knowing my credit score really hurt me. It meant I didn’t qualify for a prime auto loan rate, and now have to pay an extra $1,000 for my car.

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