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Zero Day Finance 6 Month Blogversary

Today marks my 6 month blogversary! I can’t believe that I’ve been running Zero Day Finance for half a year: time has really flown by. I’ve enjoyed meeting some fantastic people (and a few trolls). Getting to know the other people in the personal finance community has taught me a great deal about others and myself. Plus, I have 100% met the financial goals that I’ve set out with Zero Day Finance (so far, but more on that next week!)

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zerodayfinance understanding the tech that powers your blog

Understanding The Tech That Powers Your Blog

Technology is all around us. It is extremely difficult to rid yourself of electronics — even tags on clothing are being embedded with RFID chips to deter shoplifters. Your passport probably has an RFID chip so you can be automatically identified. Hell, I go to spin classes at the YMCA and the bike computers are more powerful than what flew our Apollo astronauts to the moon. Given the ubiquity of technology, we should know more about it, but we don’t. This post will explain the tiny slice of technology that powers your blog.

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zero day finance what im reading #4

What I’m Reading #4

Welcome back to What I’m Reading! It’s been a few weeks since I posted my last one. I would have posted while I was on vacation, but decided that I would much rather enjoy it and not worry about running Zero Day Finance. If you aren’t already yet, you should subscribe to my mailing list. I’ve developed an extremely useful budgeting spreadsheet that will help you track your spending, as well as automatically track Zero Days, show how your expenses affect your bottom line, and whether or not you are achieving your goals. This will be released within the next week. Without further ado, here are this week’s blog posts that I’ve been reading!

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Vacation And Reflections

Welcome back to Zero Day Finance! I’ve been pretty MIA for the past 2 weeks because I was extremely lucky, and went on a cruise of the Mediterranean with my fiancee’s family. This was my first time in Europe, first flight longer than 5 hours, first real airplane meal, and my first cruise. It was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget. While traveling, I encountered people significantly different than myself, and I got to see how they lived. I was definitely hit with some culture shock, and reminded of how very lucky that I am.

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What I’m Reading #3

Welcome to the third installment of What I’m Reading! This is where I cover the blog posts that I’ve found particularly interesting, informative, or just plain awesome. I do my best to read as many blogs as I can throughout the week, so this really covers a lot of breadth. As a general announcement, I am switching to a new posting schedule! I will post new content on Monday and Thursday, with a What I’m Reading over the weekend (preferably Saturday). However, I probably won’t be following this schedule because I’m going on vacation next week. Without further ado, happy reading!

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