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About Me


My name is David, thank you for visiting Zero Day Finance! I’m a 27-year-old native New Yorker who loves eating bagels and pizza, plus spending time at the beach. I figured out how to fund college on my own and paid off my student loan debt within 18 months of graduation. Armed with two Computer Science degrees, I started working for a large government contractor right out of college. I listened to my mom’s advice and maxed out my 401(k). Within 3 years, I built a $100,000 nest egg. I recently quit working for a large company and joined the startup life. Things are very different, but I like it!

I decided to audit my personal finances for 2016, and nearly had a heart attack. Although I did a great job by maxing out my 401(k), I didn’t save anything else. I actually managed to spend every single post-tax dollar that I earned. This is unsustainable, and it won’t help me achieve my goal of reaching Financial Independence by the time I am 40. I created Zero Day Finance to help me budget better, save more money, and also provide a resource for people who are similar to me. So, if you have trouble budgeting and want to escape the literal chains of employment, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been extremely lucky to be featured in CNBC, Rockstar Finance, and You Need a Budget. With this extra publicity I realized that I can actually make a difference in peoples lives, which is the new mission for my blog. So I hope I can help you spend less, save more, and reach financial independence earlier.

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