zero day finance the perks of business travel

The Perks (and Pains) of Business Travel

Earlier this year, I left my job working for a 70,000-person “mega corporation,” and joined a 7-person startup. Let me tell you, life is different. On one hand, I work longer hours, I’m more stressed, I went from a 10% 401(k) match to none, and I lost free life insurance, STD and LTD, amongst other things. However, I now have a ton more responsibility and autonomy. Every action I take now directly impacts my company, and I love it. One of the new things I’ve had to get used to is traveling. I went from traveling 3-5 days a year to 50+. It’s definitely something to get used to, and there is a lot that you can gain from doing it.

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zero day finance challenge october special event winners results

1 Month of Zero Days

Well, it’s November, which means the October Zero Day Challenge special event is done! I’d like to thank everyone for participating, we all had a blast! Not only were we able to save a ton of money, but I hope some of the participants were able to change the way they viewed money, and may keep going with the Zero Day Challenge. Only time will tell, but let’s see how everyone did!

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Would you Rather win $4,000 a week for life, or $2 Million now?

I was browsing Twitter a few days ago, when I saw an interesting tweet by Money Tree Man. The gist of the tweet was “Let’s say you won the lottery, and you could choose your prize. You could choose $4,000 per week for life, or $2 million right now. What would you choose?” Looking at the numbers, I saw the obvious answer: take the $2 million now. Surprisingly (to me at least), pretty much everyone wanted the $4,000 per week. So which one of these is better?

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